"We will survive!" The history and popularity of Venom - Daily Dead (2023)

"We will survive!" The history and popularity of Venom - Daily Dead (1)

The violent, monstrous opposite of Spider-Man, the character (or characters, if we get technical) of Venom was destined for popularity as a fan-favorite villain, having been introduced to the Marvel Universe at just the right time - in the late 1980s Years when comics became darker, more brutal and more serious than ever.While there are some I'm sure would disagree vehemently, I don't think it's much of a challenge to suggest that Venom - with his massive stature, black costume (formerly owned by Spider-Man) and his demonic alien traits, suggesting how Spider - the human could look like he's been in Hell looking at himself in a mirror - now has classic Spidey villains like the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus as the most well-known and iconic enemy of the Webslinger surpassed. As Eddie Brock and his beloved compatriot symbiotic enjoy the release of his second solo film,Venom: Let there be carnageI thought this fall would be an opportune time to examine the comics and media that have led to Venom's massive popularity with fans and audiences alike. Hopefully I can also shed some light on how this (relatively new) character has managed to capture the imagination of the comic book community since his inception in the late '80s and retained enough 'star power' to launch his own multinational carry million-dollar movie franchises without a Spider-Man in sight.

Before the 1980s, comics (and Marvel issues in particular) were considered—perhaps not unfairly—to be light-hearted children's food. The comics industry in general has yet to earn the respect it deserves from literary purists and pretentious critics. Spider-Man stories have particularly retained the playful mood of '60s sanity that defined them when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko invented the character in 1962 (inamazing fantasy#15). Unlike DC's Batman, whose brooding, tormented conscience and strained sense of ethics often lured him to the brink of corruption and vice versa, Peter Parker never faced the same temptations after the death of his uncle Ben. The closest he got insideamazing spider man#121 (1973), when the first Green Goblin caused the death of Gwen Stacy, leading to a battle that resulted in this villain's accidental "death". Otherwise, most of Peter Parker's struggles were relatable and everyday, balancing his superhero duties with his love for his aunt and the women in his life (Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy), as well as work and school. As Spider-Man, he foiled bank robberies and maliciously nefarious schemes by cheesy villains like Green Goblin, Sandman, Mysterio, and Electro (all of whom have made their own screen debuts over the years with varying degrees of success).

By the late 1980s it was time for a change. The explosive success of Tim BurtonBatman(1989) turned the comic book industry on its head and proved once and for all that real drama and creative artistry (and huge financial gains) could be found in superhero stories. While comics had previously been unfairly dismissed by the entertainment industry, by the end of the decade television producers, publishers and movie moguls were forced to take notice. The success of Burton's dark, gothic take on Batman and changing reader sensibilities ensured that comics in the 1990s were darker, more subversive in tone, and more accessible to teen and adult audiences. Influenced by horror movies and the violent and stylized cinema of Quentin Tarantino, Alex Proyas, John Woo, the Wachowskis, and others, the comics industry underwent a major reinvention in the early 1990s, and it wasn't just the result of its Age of Marvel and DC; Underground companies like Vertigo and Dark Horse also produced some of their most well-known content during this period. After he single-handedly reinvented Batman in 1986The dark knight returnsFrank Miller returned in the early '90s with his ultra-violent neo-noir series,city ​​of sin(Excellently adapted for the screen by Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Frank Miller himself in 2005). In 1989 James O'Barr published the gothic tale of revengethe crow, while Neil Gaiman began his long and surrealisticsandmanSeries. Both publications quickly found adult audiences and expanded their appeal to members of the goth and punk subcultures. In 1993, Dark Horse introduced Mike Mignola's character Hellboy, a demonic detective summoned from Hell who uses deadly means to defeat supernatural threats. Such a character could not have existed a decade or two earlier without a major moral backlash. The same goes for Todd MacFarlane's infernal film.to generate🇧🇷 So when McFarlane became the main illustrator ofThe Incredible SpidermanIn 1988, it was time to inject a macabre sensibility into Spider-Man. Originally conceived as an evil foil for the Webslinger, Venom's origin story is quite complicated, which is why its media introduction has always proved difficult. Let's start from the beginning.

In 1984, Marvel released a series of issues known assecret warsSaga in which Spider-Man and several other Marvel regulars (the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, members of the X-Men and more) were transported to an alien planet called Battleworld to face the cosmic threat of the afterlife and a legion of to face super villains . After Spider-Man's traditional red and blue costume is damaged in battle, the Webslinger stumbles upon a mysterious black orb that releases a tarry, obsidian-colored substance (later dubbed the "alien symbiote") that bonds with Spider-Man. Man. Dude, get him a super cool new black suit. The new fact not onlylookstough, but increases Spidey's strength and all of his abilities. In fact, Spider-Man likes the suit so much that once the suit is complete, he takes it back to Earth with him.secret warsPlot. it wouldn't be untilamazing spider man#258 (1984), however, that Peter Parker would eventually discover - with the help of the Fantastic Four - that his new suit was himself, alivelybe a stranger. With the sonic technology of Mr.Spider-Man webNo. 1 (1985). At the end of this issue, Spider-Man, desperate to free himself from the symbiote's control, lures him into a clock tower, where the harsh din of church bells forces the symbiote out of Peter's body. Without its host, the suit appears to die, but not before saving the life of an unconscious Peter.

Unbeknownst to Spider-Man, the symbiote survived and, in its weakened state, found a new host in Eddie Brock, a disgraced journalist whose hatred of Spider-Man matched the alien's hostility. Brock lurks in the shadows in various issues before finally revealing himself as Venom in an epic introamazing spider man#299. Mary Jane (who by this point has married Peter and is meeting his alter ego) arrives home to see Spider-Man's distinctive white eyes and spider emblem staring at her from a dark corner of the apartment. Thinking it's her husband in his black Spider-Man suit, MJ turns on the lights, only for Venom to show himself in all his terrifying glory for the first time - his signature smile sprouting and the immortal phrase, "Hi, honey . . I'M AT HOME!"

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In the next issueThe Incredible Spiderman#300, Spider-Man manages to track down Venom (after comforting Mary Jane, who is scared to death). When they first meet, Venom identifies as the rejected alien symbiote and former reporter Eddie Brock, who accidentally lost his job because of Spider-Man. It turns out that Eddie was reporting on a New York City serial killer known as "Sin Eater" and published a tip allegedly revealing the killer's identity. However, Eddie's suspect turns out to be a fake confessor and the real sin eater was later arrested thanks to Spider-Man. Eddie was fired for his hoax, his marriage fell apart, and he was driven to the brink of suicide. When Spider-Man entered the church tower to remove the symbiote, it was revealed that Eddie was praying for forgiveness in the same church. Weakened by the din of the bells and sensing Eddie's "venomous" hatred for Spider-Man, the symbiote teamed up with Eddie to become the being known as Venom.

Over the course of a series of character-defining issues, Spider-Man realizes he has a lot of work to do. First, Venom has all of Spider-Man's powers (since the symbiote was bonded to the Webslinger), but he's stronger, meaner, and absolutely relentless in his quest for revenge on Peter. Before he even bonded with the alien, Brock was an Olympic bodybuilder who could lift nearly 600 pounds alone.laterBy bonding with the symbiote, Venom has the strength of Brock and Spider-Man, but multiplied by about three. As if all of that wasn't enough, the alien's time with Spider-Man allows Venom to block Peter's "spider sense" and go completely undetected. He could come after Spidey at any moment and snap his neck before the wallcrawler even thinks to turn around. To make matters worse, Venom's burning hatred for Peter Parker/Spider-Man and his inside knowledge of his habits and secret identity ensure that none of Peter Parker's friends or family are truly safe from his wrath.

At the end of their initial meetings, Spider-Man quickly learns that the only reliable way to defeat Venom is through deception and intellectual trickery, rather than direct combat. So Spider-Man cleverly uses the same sonic technology that originally allowed him to separate from the alien. Despite their early defeats at the hands of Spider-Man, the bond between Eddie and the symbiote proves unbreakable and the two are usually taken to the Vault (a maximum security prison designed for super criminals (essentially the Marvel/Spider-Man take on Arkham Asylum ) where they are locked in a special cell that uses sound waves to keep the alien at bay.Perhaps the most interesting conflict that unfolds between Spider-Man and Venom during the Todd McFarlane era is the beach fight at the end inamazing spider man#316, when a desperate Peter lures the symbiote away from Brock and back into himself to incapacitate Brock and the alien. It works and Venom is arrested again.

"We will survive!" The history and popularity of Venom - Daily Dead (2)

By the early '90s, it was clear to Marvel writers and illustrators that Venom's popularity was growing exponentially among fans, not just as a villain but as a character in general. So it was only a matter of time before Spider-Man's black-clad menace got problems of his own. Venom's first solo story was printedThe Amazing Spider-Man Yearbook#25, subtitled "Venom - In the Truckstop of Doom!" This issue marked the beginning of Venom's portrayal as an antihero rather than a strict antagonist to Spider-Man (who is only briefly mentioned in "The Truckstop of Doom") and saw Eddie Brock following his final escape from the Vault. Fight a gang of thugs who are taking a bus stop full of innocent people hostage. While a short subject and not entirely memorable, Truckstop of Doom establishes Venom's future Lethal Protector standalone series and adds another layer to its twisted but unassailable sense of morality. While Venom's hatred of Spider-Man remains, it's Eddie Brock's self-image as an honest reporter and justicemaker that drives him to use his symbiotic powers for good - the main difference between him and the Webslinger is that Venom isn't particularly shy , "bad guys" with terribly deadly means such as suffocation, dismembering and on special occasions ... consumption.

Venom's next encounter with Spider-Man proved to be an important narrative reference in the character's story. After tracking down Spider-Man again, Venom comes into conflict with the villainous Styx, a man whose touch has been rendered deadly by genetic experimentation. When Styx grabs Venom at the endamazing spider man#333 doesn't just separate the alien from Brock - it looks the part toodecaythe symbiote completely. A greatly relieved Peter counts his lucky stars and believes the Venom menace is finally over. Of course, her naïve self-confidence proves to be short-lived. Without his costume, Eddie is transferred to Ryker's Island Penitentiary, where he shares a cell with convicted mass murderer Cletus Kasady. Kasady is a severely disturbed young man whose training to become a serial killer began practically from birth. Kasady was killed by his family and faculty at St. This boys' home, which he burned down in retaliation. Some of Kasady's other "biggest" childhood successes include the torture and death of his grandmother and her dog, and an incident in which he pushed a young woman in front of a passing bus for refusing her advances.

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After his horrific early years, Kasady continued his career as a serial killer, developing a philosophy and worldview solely focused on wreaking havoc and creating havoc. Consequently, Brock and Kasady begin to hate each other during their time in prison. One night, when Kasady contemplates killing Eddie with a handcrafted knife, a newly reformed alien symbiote returns to rescue Brock from prison. The two reunite as Venom and break free as Kasady watches in stunned silence. Unbeknownst to Kasady, the symbiote also managed to reproduce during its escape, leaving its offspring behind...

Reunited at least, Brock and the alien once again track down Spider-Man to a fight to the death, which they believe will finally see the end of their hated enemy (The Incredible SpidermanNo. 347). Venom chooses a remote island off the coast of New York to act as the final battleground between himself and the Webslinger. Realizing that Venom is stronger than ever and will never stop chasing Spider-Man until he's six feet underwater, Peter hatches a plan when he stumbles into an abandoned mining shaft while Brock is chasing him. After a massive explosion, Venom enters the mine, where he finds a pile of skeletal remains, a tattered Spider-Man costume, and a pair of melted web shooters. Venom celebrates Spider-Man's apparent death as Peter, very much alive, sails back to the Big Apple undetected. With Spider-Man out of the way, Brock and the alien decide to stay on the island and live out the rest of their lives in peace.

When Peter returns to New York, he hears horrific reports of mass murders being carried out indiscriminately across the city by a man named "Carnage" who, like Manson, writes his name in blood on the walls of his crime scenes. 🇧🇷 One of Peter's university lab partners is even gutted in the carnage. When Spider-Man finally tracks down this new threat, he is horrified to learn that he is actually asecondsymbiote with Cletus Kasady as the host. Following Eddie Brock's escape from prison, the symbiote's offspring bonded with Kasady, increasing both his strength and murderous impulses in the process. With powers similar to those of Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage also utilizes abilities befitting his psychopathic disposition, including the ability to use his costume to create deadly projectiles and create weapons such as blades and axes. Carnage's distinctive black and crimson suit also mimics its host's mental instability, generating constantly wriggling tentacles and being far less inherently stable than Venom's suit. The creators of Carnage have stated that in addition to creating a darker, more evil alternative to Venom, they were also influenced by Batman's Joker when designing Kasady's twisted and sadistic personality. And just like Venom, Marvel's latest killer symbiote has garnered immense popularity among Spider-Man fans.

Spider-Man's first encounter with Carnage (seeamazing spider man#361) almost kills the Webslinger. To his horror, Peter realizes that the only way to defeat this red-robed monster is to enlist the help of Venom, which means he reveals his death was a hoax, and his greatest enemy back at it brings his life. Accompanied by the Fantastic Four's human torch, Spider-Man returns to the island where he left Venom after their final conflict and is shown to be alive, much to Venom's anger and disbelief. After almost single-handedly defeating Peter and the Human Torch, Spider-Man manages to calm Venom and reveals that his psychotic former cellmate bonded with another symbiote and the two slaughtered innocent humans. This creates an interesting dynamic in the relationship between Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage. While Spider-Man blames himself for bringing Venom into the world (after all, the origin of theBothSymbiotes were originally with Peter), Venom sees himself as responsible for the creation of Carnage, whom he sees as the ultimate threat to innocence. This realization keeps Venom at bay and motivates him to temporarily team up with Spider-Man to defeat Carnage.

Upon returning to New York, Spider-Man and Venom track down Carnage at a heavy metal concert, where Spider-Man uses the blaring sound system to separate Kasady and Brock from their symbiotes and trap them (while keeping his word withdraws to allow Brock his freedom after the defeat of Carnage). Both Venom and Carnage appear in several subsequent issues - notably one of themamazing spider man#375 where Venom and Spider-Man form their final truce and agree to avoid each other after Venom saves Peter's parents from a fire and Spider-Man saves Eddie's ex-wife Ann Weying (character played by Michelle Williams inGift[2018]), by falling debris. Spider-Man releases Venom and relocates to San Francisco, where he becomes the Bay Area's aptly named "Lethal Protector." This is how the six parts beginPoison: Deadly Protector(1993) Arc in which Venom takes on the role of the violent anti-hero, taking down hordes of San Francisco's criminal elements without losing a second of sleep. Odeadly protectorThe series also introduced a number of new symbiotic characters (like Shriek and Riot) and provided much of the source material for the first and long-awaited Venom standalone film, starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

In the years afterdeadly protectorStoryline, both Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote went through numerous changes and changes in the comics in the late 90's/2000's. In thePlanet der Symbiontenarc, the Venom suit slightly altered its origin story, detailing the alien's existence before it was discovered by Spider-Man on Battleworld. According to this series of releases, the symbiote was part of a larger race of extraterrestrial creatures on the title Planet of the Symbionts and was excommunicated from its homeworld and forced to live in solitude on Battleworld due to its violent and eccentric tendencies. where he would later bond with Spider-Man. Comic creators also gave the symbiote a whole new set of hosts to control in the years following the character's 1990s heyday - including the villainous Spidey the scorpion and Peter Parker's former high school nemesis Flash Thompson (founder of OAgent GiftBow). Eddie Brock, meanwhile, was diagnosed with terminal cancer after being disconnected from the alien's healing abilities. Of course notNew ways to dieStoryline, Eddie was miraculously cured of his cancer and encountered the Scorpion (who was the youngest incarnation of Venom at the time). When the alien leaves the scorpion and attempts to reconnect with Eddie, Brock's damaged white blood cells cause the alien to react and reverse colors, turning his body white and his eyes and spider symbol black. This creates a new symbiotic character in the form of Anti-Venom.

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"We will survive!" The history and popularity of Venom - Daily Dead (3)

In 2018, with the release of the first solo live-action Venom film, Marvel went back to basics and reintroduced the classic Eddie Brock/Venom couple in its original glory for the self-titled filmGiftComic book series developed and illustrated by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. In this series, the origin story of the extraterrestrial is retold once again. After the latest incarnation of theGiftUniverse, the "planet of symbiotes" never existed. Instead, the entire alien symbiote race was the creation of an evil symbiotic deity named Knull. Knull, of course, attacks Earth, leaving it to Venom and a whole host of other Marvel heroes and anti-heroes (which theMaximum carnagearc in more ways than one), including Peter Parker and Miles Morales versions of Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America and more to help protect the planet during theking in blackPlot. Also, during the fantastical, Knull has the help of Cletus Kasady/Carnageabsolute carnagerush in to wreak havoc on Venom and Co. and ensure Knull's awakening and attack on Earth. Oking in black/absolute carnageEditions are true love letters to Venom's sprawling comic book history, merging all of its best stories into a cohesive arc that yields some of the best Venom material in comics since it peaked in popularity in the late 1980s/early 90s.

Prior to his live-action film debut, Venom appeared in severalSpider ManProperties in the 90's and 2000's (animated TV shows, video games and more) as an antagonist. For my money, the biggest iteration outside of the comics was Disney subsidiary Buena Vista's cartoon.Spider Man1994 series. In this version, Brock, voiced bySimpsonsVoice actor Hank Azaria is (true to the comics) a ruthless bodybuilding journalist and a recurring character. The three-part arc, in which Spider-Man attaches himself to the black suit, removes it after he begins to change his personality, and unintentionally creates Venom, is arguably the most impressive story arc of the entire show.

The writers and animators of know well the value of the character and his enormous threat to Spider-ManSpider Manan entire episode ("The Alien Costume Part 3") is devoted to Venom's torment of Spider-Man, defeating him in several battles and threatening Mary Jane and Aunt May before Peter finally succeeds in defeating him in an epic battle at the helm of a Defeat space launch pad with acoustic support from a rocket launcher. Venom returns in a few more hilarious episodes ("Venom Returns" and "Carnage"), in which the symbiote frees Eddie from prison and has his offspring bonded with Cletus Kasady to create Carnage, who - due to the series' limitations as a Daily animation for kids - reimagined as a "really bad guy" instead of a ruthless serial killer. According to the comics, Spider-Man and Venom agree to temporarily settle their differences in order to defeat Carnage.

The film industry's first hint that Venom was a hugely popular (and profitable) character came with the final chapter of Sam Raimi's still-great film.Spider ManTrilogy (2002, 2004, 2007). The first two parts depended largely on Raimi's creative control and love of the old school.Spider Man,with more "conventional" Spidey villains like the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) and Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina). However withSpinnenmann 3(2007), Marvel producer Avi Arad intervened, informing Raimi of Venom's popularity among Spider-Man fans and imploring him to include the alien symbiote in the film's plot. It has been well documented in the years since.Spinnenmann 3is that Raimi was never a huge fan of Venom as a character, stating that he "lacked humanity" compared to the Spider-Man villains of the '60s and '70s. However, at the behest of the studio and fans, Raimi caved in and integrated the Venom tale into an already over-the-top plot centered on Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) succumbing to his inner darkness while simultaneously battling the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Harry Osborn's (James Franco) version of the Green The alien's presence, not delivering the level of darkness that fans (myself included) have come to expect and have come to expect in the finished film, only reinforces Peter's goofier and more idiotic qualities (that immortal James Brown Street Parade scene... ) instead of turning him into a really bad person.

In addition, Sam Raimi was castThis show from the 70'sStars Topher Grace as a thinner, meaner version of Eddie Brock in an attempt to portray the character as the morally bankrupt counterpart of Peter Parker. It's a move that could have worked very well for Raimi's purposes had Grace's Brock actually felt threatened by it. Instead, he's a rather pathetic, wormy character struggling to develop in a script full of B-plots (Mary Jane, The Black Suit, Sandman, Harry, Gwen Stacy, the list goes on). When Grace is finally Brocktutbonds with the suit and he becomes Venom (in the last 20 minutes of the film), he is non-threatening and underused, and chooses to team up with Sandman (if you can go by the comics, Venom would never join forces with himsomeonesharing a Spider-Man hideout) and kidnapping Mary Jane - the third time this has happened over the course of three films.

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While Venom's sleek, "evil Spider-Man" look wasn't a bad decision, his soft, feline screams and the ease with which he's kicked by Spider-Man and Harry's leprechaun left fans of the character extremely disappointed. And while many critics have pointed to Raimi's forced inclusion of the symbiote as the final straw that broke the film's backbone, Venom fans like myself would argue thatSpinnenmann 3It would have been better to remove misfit characters like the Sandman and Gwen Stacy and focus on Peter's struggle with the symbiote and his dark side. It probably would have allowed more breathing room, delighted fans, complemented the film's themes of darkness and revenge, and introduced Venom in the middle of the film rather than in the last 20 minutes. Not to mention that despite his negative feelings towards the character, Venom seemed like a villain that Raimi was able to bring to life, especially given his background in horror and dark fantasy (thestill deadTrilogy [1981,1987, 1992] zdark man[Nineteen hundred and ninety]). But I digress. despite the factSpinnenmann 3is easily the worst of the Raimi trilogy, breaking box office records at the time - partly because of the hype surrounding Venom's inclusion in the film. Don't get me wrong either—Spinnenmann 3is stoppedchargesamusing (especially when viewed in an ironic light), but his presentation of Venom still leaves a lot to be desired.

almost as fast asSpinnenmann 3Following the success, a Venom solo project was hastily developed as Sony recognized the character's immense popularity and cinematic potential. The screenplay went through several iterations, potential writers, concepts and directors in the years following completionSpider ManTrilogy. Featuring Sony's own misguided attempt to revive the franchiseThe Incredible SpidermanMovies (2012, 2014, starring Andrew Garfield, in which the only redeeming quality, for my money, was Emma Stone's serious, serious performance as Gwen Stacy) fanned hopes for another attempt at a man-man movie . Venom were thrown. This is all the more true given that Disney acquired the rights to Spider-Man from Sony, which owns the rights to Venom due to its inclusion in theSpinnenmann 3🇧🇷 It wasn't until 2017 that a trailer for 2018 finally appeared.Gift, revealing Tom Hardy (who turned out to be Eddie/Venom's natural companion with his menacing portrayal of BaneThe Dark Knight rises[2012]) Venom in all its chunky, toothy, monstrous glory through some truly gorgeous effects. Although he doesn't wear his iconic white tarantula logo (to differentiate him from Spider-Man),Dieswas the Venom that fans have longed to see on screen ever since they were let down by itSpinnenmann 3.

Ignoring the new symbiote origin story without Spider-Man, most of the movie stayed pretty much true to the comics, especially that onedeadly protectorThe book.GiftOverall it's admittedly not a particularly good film - scenes are rushed, the humor lacks and Ruben Fleischer's direction isn't all that impressive - but it's genuinely enjoyable popcorn fun and as a fan I think it does a good deal of justice for the Character. It's also admirable that Fleischer and his creative team drew inspiration from films like Ridley Scott's.Abroad(1979), John Zimmermannthe thing(1982) and the work of David Cronenberg, Canada's king of body horror. They even included a scene where Venom rips off a henchman's head.Unbelievable🇧🇷 Also, Tom Hardy's unconventional portrayal characterizes Eddie Brock in a way we've never seen before (not even in the comics), and his natural chemistry with the equally great Michelle Williams helps carry the film. Not to mention, Williams also has her own scene as She-Venom, where the alien uses her body to find her way back to Eddie. By far the most brilliant aspect of the film, however, is its twisted "buddy movie" aesthetic, which pits Eddie and the alien against each other like two rival housemates.

While fans have been itching for years for a Venom movie starring Carnage as the villain (which was the original plan), the studio chose to use Kasady (Woody Harrelson) as a post-credits franchise hook, opting instead for Riot ( villain Carlton Drake). connection to a silver "boss" symbiote) as the film's antagonist. Riot harnessed several of Carnage's powers, including the ability to use his form to craft weapons. So it stands to reason that the upcoming sequel by Andy Serkis,Venom: Let there be carnage(delayed to an October 1st release due to COVID) needs to bring a bunch of crazy Carnage shenanigans to the table to highlight their version of the symbiotic serial killer.

Based on the teaser trailer recently released on May 10th this year, Serkis and the creative team behind itGift 2seem to be influenced by the 14 partiesMaximum carnage(1993), in which Carnage, aided by a team of supervillains - including his psychotic "girlfriend" Shriek (who also appears inGift 2, played by Naomie Harris) - devastates New York and leaves it to Spider-Man, Venom and his own superhero/vigilante assembly (including Morbius and the Black Cat) to put an end to Carnage's murder spree. One of the darkest arcs in Spider-Man comic history,Maximum carnagePeter finds himself at odds with himself and Venom over whether or not he should break his own moral code to end Carnage's killing spree. While Spider-Man is of course not involved, the trailer also hints at an undoubtedly standout scene where Kasady, about to be executed by lethal injection, bonds with the Carnage symbiote. While Serkis (known for his iconic motion capture performances as Gollum inÖ Lord of the ringstrilogy, Caesar in theAffenplanetMovies and Snoke in thewar of starssequel trilogy) is at the helm, I have no doubt the film will deliver on the highest level.

If there was ever a question about how popular Venom is, the huge response to bothSpinnenmann 3eGiftin itself it practically erased any doubt. He is the most iconic and popular villain in Spider-Man's rogues gallery, challenged only by the Green Goblin. The physical similarities and moral duality of Spider-Man and Venom make them a great hero-villain duo in the context of the Spider-Man universe. Likewise the autonomousdeadly protectorcomic book and the box office success and positive fan response of the first soloGiftThe film silenced skeptics who claimed Venom could never function if removed from Spider-Man's universe. There will always be those who worship Spider-Man for his conscience and moral purity. But for those who prefer their pettier, scarier, more morally fragile vigilantes, Venom fits the bill perfectly... and likely will for a long, long time.

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What was the Daily Globe incident in Venom? ›

Daily Globe incident

The Daily Globe played a key role in Venom's comic-book origin. Eddie was a reporter for the newspaper, but was fired in disgrace after misidentifying the perpetrator of the 'Sin-Eater murders'. This led to his hatred of Spider-Man, and eventually his encountering the symbiote and becoming Venom.

What does Eddie say to Venom? ›

Eddie Brock : Because I'm a real boy, and you're just an amoeba. Venom : I will only take that because we are hurting right now. Don't worry buddy, I will get you through this!

Does Venom have a moral code? ›

Attaching itself to Spider-Man, the hero rejected the Symbiote who found a new host in Eddie Brock and the two shared a hatred for Spider-Man. However, Venom developed a moral code against hurting innocent people which made him a lethal protector.

Why is Venom so iconic? ›

As the violent, monstrous antithesis of Spider-Man, the character (or characters, if we want to get technical) of Venom was destined for popularity as a fan-favorite villain, having been introduced to the Marvel universe at just the right time—in the late '80s when comic book storylines were growing darker, more ...

What is Venom's secret power? ›

Venom's twisted hate of Spider-Man, and his brief time as Spider-Man's costume, has led to his powers continuing to mimic Spider-Man's. Venom has a warning sense due to its alien origin and can swing from building to building in a similar manner as Spider-Man, using "webs" generated from the symbiote.

What are the 4 venoms? ›

The Life Foundation Symbiotes

Four of those symbiotes - Riot, Lasher, Phage and Agony - are grouped together here. Because they only appeared in a handful of Venom stories and never had much of a chance to stand out as individuals, it's tough to really rank one above another.

Does Venom impregnate Eddie? ›

One of the most tragic and weirdest Venom stories is how the symbiote made Eddie Brock pregnant, and this pregnancy created more chaos than Carange.

What did Venom want Eddie? ›

The Venom symbiote explains to Eddie that he's connected to a hive mind, with a vast array of knowledge that includes the multiverse; and if he gave Eddie full access, it would melt his brain. So instead, he offers to give him a glimpse of that knowledge

Why does Venom stick with Eddie? ›

Disgraced and suicidal with a growing irrational hatred for Spider-Man, Brock comes into contact with an alien symbiote, rejected by Peter Parker. The symbiote bonds with him and they become Venom, together seeking out revenge against their mutual enemy.

Is Venom purely evil? ›

Venom is, alongside the Green Goblin, one of the two The Spectacular Spider-Man villains to be Pure Evil. This is also one of the only three versions of Venom to be Pure Evil, along with the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows version and the Spider-Man: Reign version.

Is Venom evil or nice? ›

Venom has endured as one of Spider-Man's most prominent villains, and was initially regarded as one of his three archenemies, alongside the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

Is Venom the weakest symbiote? ›

While Eddie Brock's Venom may not be the strongest here, he is recognizable and the most resilient Symbiote compared to many others. Even though he started out as a pure villain, Brock's Venom showed many heroic traits.

Why is Venom mad at Spider-Man? ›

The Venom/Spider-Man feud began years ago due to bad journalism, Spider-Man's heroism, and the mutual hatred of one angry symbiote. Though the Lethal Protector has become an anti-hero since the '90s, Venom is still widely regarded as one of Spider-Man's most well-known and iconic villains.

Who was the first ever Venom? ›

Eddie Brock as Venom is who most would consider the original character. Though the Venom symbiote was introduced in 1984, the 1993 limited series “Venom: Lethal Protector” was the first to explore Brock's history before he bonded with the symbiote.

Why is Venom strongest? ›

While Venom has the killing impulses of all symbiotes, which were created from the void to be killing machines, he proved he can conquer his urges and become a force for good. Because of his unbreakable spirit, Venom was recently powered up by the God of Light itself, allowing him to defeat Knull once and for all.

Why Venom is afraid of red? ›

It could be that in the universe of the Venom movies, this type of strong bond is already known among the symbiotes to result in stronger specimens. This could explain why Venom is so fearful of facing an enemy with a ruddy hue.

Who is Venom's leader? ›

In the comics, Scream is the leader of the symbiote crew. She has powers similar to Venom and Spider-Man, such as wall-crawling and web-swinging.

Who is the strongest person in Venom? ›

Venom: The 10 Strongest Symbiotes, Ranked
  • 8/10 Anti-Venom.
  • 7/10 Sleeper.
  • 6/10 Bedlam.
  • 5/10 Carnage.
  • 4/10 Toxin.
  • 3/10 Grendel.
  • 2/10 Knull.
  • 1/10 Venom.
30 Mar 2022

Who is the God of all venoms? ›

The last time Venom got an entire crossover for symbiote shenanigans, he walked away with a seriously big upgrade: Eddie Brock is now the god of all symbiotes, with the power to flit through their minds at will, no matter where they are in the universe.

Why is red Venom so strong? ›

Originating as an offspring of Venom, Carnage is much more powerful than its parent symbiote because of the symbiotes' biology, and is in many ways a darker version of him.

Who is the blue Venom? ›

Blue Symbiote (2) (Agony): In the comics Agony was one of the symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom alongside several others by the Life Foundation.

Who are venoms kids? ›

While captive, the Venom symbiote was forced to give birth to five offspring - Riot, Lasher, Phage, Agony, and Scream - who were bonded to PMCs hired by the Life Foundation. When corrupt corporation Scarmore Inc.

Who is Carnage son? ›

Birth. Born from Carnage as the 1000th symbiote in its lineage, "Toxin" was feared to be the strongest and most dangerous of their race by both Carnage and Venom besides Knull. Shortly after being born, the symbiote united with police officer Pat Mulligan.

How did Venom give birth Carnage? ›

In the comics, the Venom symbiote essentially reproduced and spawned the new symbiote that bonded to Cletus and became Carnage, but in the movie Carnage is created by a twist of fate--a twist of fate that could easily be repeated if Eddie's not careful.

Why did Venom disappear in No Way Home? ›

Before they can do either, Eddie starts to disappear as he's pulled back into his universe from the MCU. It's a result of the spell Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) casts at the end of No Way Home, but a spot of Venom's symbiote is left behind on the bar after Eddie has left.

Why does Venom lick the screen? ›

But why does Venom lick the TV with Peter's face on it? Besides communicating the apparent fact that Venom wants to eat brains — and Peter's looks tasty to Venom — Venom's hunger appears to be proof of an intrinsic attraction to Peter Parker.

Why was Venom not in No Way Home? ›

While Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock/Venom does pop in the recent Marvel movie – albeit in a post-credits scene – it turns out there were more plans for appearances throughout the main events of No Way Home. Speaking to Empire, McKenna explained: "So Eddie Brock makes it to the MCU but he never makes it out of a bar.

Is Venom slowly killing Eddie? ›

This rather alarming news is swept under the rug during the finale and by the end of the movie, Venom and Eddie are back together in human-Symbiote bliss, with everyone rather conveniently forgetting that hosting Venom is slowly killing Eddie.

Is there a girl symbiote? ›

She is referred simply as "Female symbiote". The Donna Diego incarnation of Scream was featured on OverPower on the Mission: Separation Anxiety series. The Donna Diego incarnation of Scream was featured at Marvel's Legendary: Venom deck building game, released in 2019.

Who is venoms favorite host? ›

Eddie Brock is easily the best Venom host, both in the comics and in the mind of Venom itself. Through the years, Venom has proven that he will jump out of a host without a second thought if he has a chance to get back to Eddie Brock (or Peter Parker for that matter).

What god created Venom? ›

Knull (character)
First appearanceThor: God of Thunder #6 (March 2013; identity unrevealed) Venom vol. 4 #3 (August 2018; full appearance)
Created byDonny Cates Ryan Stegman
In-story information
SpeciesElder God
7 more rows

Is Venom a god tier? ›

While Venom has always been an incredibly strong character within the Marvel Universe as he exhibited similar abilities to those of Spider-Man but with a much more ferocious and deadly edge, the symbiote antihero actually has a god-tier superpower that makes him way stronger than fans ever knew–a surprising ability ...

Who is Venom 1 villain? ›

Dr. Carlton Drake is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Riot) of the 2018 film Venom, the first installment of Sony's Spider-Man Universe. He is the misanthropic CEO of the Life Foundation, who is bent on fusing humanity with Symbiotes in order to "save" the human race.

Is Black Spider-Man Venom? ›

The Black Suit, otherwise known as the Symbiote Suit, is a living, breathing entity now known as the Venom Symbiote. It's seen a storied history of its own, beginning with Spider-Man before taking its own shape with photojournalist Eddie Brock to become the fan-favorite anti-hero Venom.

Is Venom A Avenger? ›

After serving alongside other criminals in Osborn's Thunderbolts, Venom was promoted to the Avengers roster... with former Scorpion Mac Gargan using the symbiote's powers to masquerade as Spider-Man.

Is Venom a hero now? ›

Venom is an anti-hero in the Spider-Man franchise. He is one of Spider-Man's archenemies later turned rival.

Who Cannot defeat Venom? ›

Molten Man is able to generate intense heat from his skin as well as shoot flaming projectiles. As already noted, Venom has two major weaknesses and fire is one of them. Venom wouldn't be able to touch Molten Man without hurting himself, and that's a severe disadvantage he wouldn't be able to overcome.

What is a red Venom? ›

High Speed Venom (ハイスピードヴェノム, Hai Supīdo Venomu) (also known as Red Venom or Hyper Venom), or simply Dash Venom is a secret character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. He is an orange colored Venom, resembling Carnage.

Is the Venom symbiote female? ›

While we never got to see the original female version of Venom, Eddie Brock's ex Anne Weying did at one point bond with the symbiote to become She-Venom.

Why Spider-Man is afraid of Venom? ›

The fact that Spider-Man was seemingly more fearful of Venom following their second battle might even be explained as a result of Peter tricking the symbiote into temporarily bonding with him again. This would have risked his mind and body being violated and controlled once more.

What is Carnage real name? ›

Carnage was once a serial killer known as Cletus Kasady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote called Venom during a prison breakout.

Will there be a venom 3? ›

As mentioned above, Venom 3 has been confirmed, but we're still waiting for an official release date. Sony has a busy couple of years ahead with its Spider-Man universe with the releases of Kraven the Hunter (January 13, 2023), Madame Web (July 7, 2023) and El Muerto (January 12, 2024) already confirmed.

What is venoms real name? ›

The Amazing Spider-Man (1988)

Venom. Michelinie brought back the symbiote, but now the alien costume had a new host: Eddie Brock.

Who is Venom first son? ›

Dylan Brock is the son of Eddie Brock and Anne Weying. When Anne bonded to the Venom symbiote, she somehow became pregnant with Dylan. He was created by the symbiotes in order to destroy their god Knull and sever him from the hive-mind.

What is Venom full name? ›

Cast. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom: Brock is an investigative journalist who becomes the host of Venom, an alien symbiote that imbues him with super-human abilities.

Who is powerful Thor or Venom? ›

Alive for millennia, Thor has been fighting evil for a very long time and there are few who can match his skill. This is one of those fights where Venom just can't hurt Thor. He might be able to slow him down, but Thor's sheer might, combined with the power of Mjolnir, would be too much for Venom to handle.

How did Venom get wings? ›

In this storyline, Venom teams up with Miles Morales' Spider-Man to fight a Symbiote dragon in New York. After the two web-slingers are left falling from an incredible height, Venom just grows a huge pair of dragon-like wings to save them both like it's no big deal.

Is Venom or Hulk stronger? ›

Even with his healing factor gone, Hulk has the durability to last way longer than Venom because he's incredibly stronger. Hulk's strongest feat was lifting a 10 billion ton mountain in base form while Venom (Eddie Brock) who was shot with a sound gun was able to lift a 992,080 ferris wheel without the symbiote.

What did Eddie Brock do at the Daily Globe? ›

Eddie Brock was a successful columnist for the newly revived Daily Globe until he began writing a series of articles about the "Sin-Eater murders." While protecting the "murderer's" identity under the First Amendment, Brock wrote a series of stories in the Globe detailing his dialogue with the supposed killer, until ...

What was the explosion at the end of Venom? ›

After thwarting Carnage, the post-credits scene finds Eddie and Venom relaxing in a hotel room on a well-deserved tropical vacation, watching a soap opera together. Then Venom drops a truth bomb: Because he's a symbiote, he's got “light-years of knowledge” that he keeps hidden from Eddie despite their psychic bond.

What was riots goal in Venom? ›

The Riot Symbiote eventually bonded with Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake with the goal of bringing more Symbiotes to Earth to bond with humans and then take over the planet. Riot and Drake were defeated by Eddie Brock and Venom.

What was Riots plan in Venom? ›

Bring the symbiote race to Earth so that he can enslave and kill all of humanity for them to conquer with the help of Drake. Kill both Eddie Brock and Venom for stopping his work (all failed).

What is Eddie Brock's weakness? ›

The Venom symbiote has two major weaknesses - sound and fire. Loud noises cause the symbiote to writhe in pain. That's how Peter Parker originally freed himself of the symbiote. A tolling church bell drove the two apart and sent the fleeing symbiote straight into the arms of an unsuspecting Eddie Brock.

Why did Venom choose Eddie? ›

All the captured symbiotes have struggled to find compatible hosts, killing all the previous human test subjects. In the movie, Venom makes it clear that Eddie is the best match he has found, which explains why he stays in his body and helps him survive.

Is Venom evil or good? ›

While Venom's comic adventures have certainly been weird in the last few years, they have been consistent in making it clear that Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote are on the side of good.

Is there a blue symbiote? ›

Blue Symbiote (2) (Agony): In the comics Agony was one of the symbiotes forcibly spawned from Venom alongside several others by the Life Foundation.

Can Venom get pregnant? ›

Later, Eddie was kidnapped by Claire Dixon, who loaded him into a truck and revealed that he was going to be a father, again. In Costa and Bagley's Venom #165, Eddie revealed that he was not aware that Venom was pregnant.

Who is the GREY symbiote in Venom? ›

They rapidly age the symbiotes and pair them to people: Scream (yellow, female), Agony (pink, female), Lasher (green, male), Riot (grey, male) and Phage (orange, male).

Is there a yellow symbiote? ›

Trivia. In the comics the symbiote Phage is also referred to as the Yellow Symbiote, has identical colors, and originates from the Life Foundation. Phage was only named decades after the its debut, after years of not having an offical name.

Who is stronger Riot or Venom? ›

Furthermore, Riot was more equipped for battle and proved to be stronger than Venom every step of the way. It wasn't until Eddie Brock and his symbiote combined their willpower to trick Riot that they secured their victory.


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