Adventure Sync: rewards, full FAQ, and troubleshooting help. | Silph's Path (2023)

Adventure Sync: rewards, full FAQ, and troubleshooting help. | Silph's Path (1)

  1. The basics: what you need to know
    1. A new weekly fitness goal
    2. Background fitness tracking
  2. Strategy: Optimize fitness rewards
  3. Distance Tracking: How Android/iOS Fitness Tracking Works
    1. To install
    2. Third-party devices (e.g. Fitbit)
  4. FAQ: common questions
  5. unsolved mysteries

adventure sync, the newest feature from the world of Pokémon GO, was introduced on November 1, 2018 andPromisethe ability to use iOS and Android fitness tracking features to reward activity - even when the Pokémon GO app is closed!

The release of this new feature raised many questions. Therefore, the Silph Research Group has endeavored to provide a summary here.we all knowabout this promising new breakthrough in Pokémon GO - and what further study requires. Here's a quick index:

Two main components introduced with the advent of this feature in Pokémon GO:

I. A new weekly fitness goal

Adventure Sync: rewards, full FAQ, and troubleshooting help. | Silph's Path (2)

Even trainers who do not enable the Adventure Sync functionality (i.e. background fitness tracking) will notice a newToron the trainer stats screen. This new feature (currently available to all Trainers level 30 and above) credits all kilometers traveled towards that weekly walk goal.

Three tiers of rewards are offered for achieving either5km,25km, or50kmthe distance went every week. Over the course of the week, the distance will be calculated from the distance logged while the Pokémon GO app is open or active in the background, and (if Adventure Sync is on) the distance logged when the app is closed, will accumulate.

Bonuses are paidonce a weekIn the weekend. Don't expect to get this5kmhit reward5kmtowards your weekly goal – you have to wait until the end of the week!

(Video) Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Issues and How to Fix

II. Background fitness tracking

Adventure Sync: rewards, full FAQ, and troubleshooting help. | Silph's Path (3)This is the really exciting part of Adventure Sync! Travelers can now allow Pokémon GO to access fitness data from HealthKit on iOS and activity trackers from Google Fit on Android.

Activity recorded by these external fitness trackers only counts towards the distance traveled in Pokémon GO when the app is closed - allowing for potential battery savings and fitness credits where previously not rewarded in Pokémon GO. This new distance tracking applies to the above weekly fitness goals AND Eggs and Candy Buddy!

Weekly fitness goals unlock rewards at three distances (5km,25km, e50km) and will be paid inweekend. Currently, the week is assumed to end/start on Monday for all travelers.

When weekly fitness rewards are claimed, lower goal rewards are included. This means that claiming rewards from higher levels can lead to some interesting combinations such as: B. two eggs (if there is room to take them) or up to 4rare sweets!

Like Raid Rewards, Weekly Fitness Rewards are organized into "Packs" and contain both random and pre-set/guaranteed "free" items. The chart below summarizes the reward packs confirmed by Silph researchers:

Adventure Sync: rewards, full FAQ, and troubleshooting help. | Silph's Path (4)

Backlog rewards for the first time

When fitness goals were first introduced, many travelers received instant rewards after "syncing" the Adventure Sync feature. It is currently believed that this was a meritthe week beforeFitness activity - in Pokémon GO or HealthKit/Google Fit. is on footnowis applied to the end of the next week (supposedly on Monday).

Post-launch tweaks

In the hours after the Adventure Sync feature was released, Silph researchers noticed that at least one change had been made to the system. At 23:00 UTC, Stardust rewards were reduced from 5,000 and 10,000 to 500 and 1,500 for the25kme50kmRewards or other changes may have been made by Niantic that have yet to be discovered.

Egg rarity levels

Observant travelers will notice this2kmEggs have yet to be found in weekly fitness rewards. It is currently unknown whether eggs obtained through this new feature will have their own rarity levels or contain different Pokémon than those obtained by spinning Poké Stops. This topic requires further investigation, and the Silph research group is already working to deduce possible differences.

(Video) HOW TO GET 30,000 STARDUST FROM ADVENTURE SYNC in Pokémon GO! #Shorts

There are few ways to "tweak" weekly fitness rewards, with one notable exception: Eggs!

If you can get one (or even two).5kmeggs doNotFeel like an exciting reward after walking50kmin a week, make sure you don't leave any egg slots open before claiming your fitness rewards! If no egg slots are open, this option will only be removed from the possible reward poolStar dusterare sweetsremain as potential rewards for youSaco,Grande, orUltra Balls!

Editor's Note: This section is evolving over time and will be updated with new information from the Silph Research Group as it solidifies!

There's still a lot to learn about how the Adventure Sync feature tracks and credits miles traveled across multiple fitness peripherals and both operating systems. Here's what we know (or suspect) so far:

  1. The game must be (completely) closed!– Perhaps the most important thing to remember about Adventure Sync is the fitness datacredited only when the Pokémon GO app is fully closed. It appears that opening the Pokémon GO app (even if it's running with a GO+ in the background, for example) uses Nianticsterremote tracking. Therefore, fitness data is only credited when Niantic has no other way of knowing how far a traveler has moved using its own app.
  2. speed limit- It seems that the same "speed limit" in Pokémon GO affects physical activity in HealthKit/gFit. Running or cycling faster than the speed limit (10.5 km/h) will reflect KMs in HealthKit/gFit, but the distance will not be credited in Pokémon GO.
  3. Sync Interval / Delays- Distance syncs at unknown time intervals from HealthKit and Google Fit (sometimes it feels like up to 1 hour between syncs - sometimes up to a minute). A delay between Google Fit/HealthKit data and fitness goal progress is not uncommon.

I arranged

iOS devices
  1. On iOS in Pokémon GO, just go toDefinitions>adventure sync>turn it on!>Activate all categories>To allow. And that's it!

If something goes wrong, check that Pokémon GO has access rights by opening theHealthApplication >Originsand make sure it's allowed.

Also make sure that fitness tracking is allowed in your phone's privacy settings. In iOS settings:Definitions>privacy>Exercise and fitness>fitness tracking> Make sure the switch is onA.

android devices

Android sync uses the Google Fit API and connects your Fit data to a Google account on the device you play on:

1. On an Android device, check that this is the caseGoogle Fitinstalled on your device*.
2. In Pokémon GO, just go toDefinitions>adventure sync>turn it on!>To allowPokémon GO permission to access Google Fit data from a Google account. And that's it!

If something doesn't count right, make sure you have it.guaranteedBothstoreeLocalizationPermissions for Google Fit. (See the FAQ below for questions about switching accounts.)

(Video) let's collect weekly adventure sync rewards 😍

*Note: There have been several reported cases where the standalone Google Fit app is not installed, but Adventure Sync is turned on and fitness data may be credited to Pokémon GO while the app is closed. It remains to be clarified whether Google Fit can be "recorded" on certain variants of Android. This is confounded by two common but misunderstood traveler accounts.

  1. Close Pokémon GO, run a course, and open Pokémon GO a few minutes later to see an assigned course. This is expected behavior even without Adventure Sync. Pokémon GO tracks server-side location and movement and rewards distance when reopening the app within the speed limit when only a few minutes have passed.
  2. Closing Pokemon GO before the UI update triggers "every 4 minutes" and fully reflects the total distance gained.

Both cases are normal and do not mean that the peripherals or Adventure Sync are responsible for the distance traveled.

II. Third-party devices and apps

Several popular Google Fit and iOS Health app alternatives, as well as third-party fitness peripherals, often come up in questions on the go.

The current consensus is that ALL third-party fitness trackers DO NOT count distance towards weekly goals unless they have native support for HealthKit or Google Fit (essentially Apple Watch only). Any third-party apps that rely on an intermediary "sync/import" app are counted as "manually entered" data, which is easily forged and doesn't appear to be allowed by Pokémon GO. Claims made by various third-party peripherals or "sync" apps that earn in-game distance credits are believed to be misattributed distances used byearlyweek before the feature launch. If the Pokémon GO app is COMPLETELY closed, you should not see any distance credited in-game.

The recommended alternative is simpleUse the phone yourselfGet steps/distance/calories counted. (And set your phone as the "top priority" device if using a peripheral.)

Here is a growing list of relevant popular devices and discussions about their compatibility:

StatusApplication / Devicetl;drdiscussions
apple watchSuccessfully tracks steps/calories while Pokémon GO app is fully closed
?Huawei Health-AppDespite Huawei's Google Fit sync, no distance is enforced in-game. Currently considered incompatible
?Mi Fit app/deviceCurrently considered incompatible#1
?Fitbit / FitToFit-AppCurrently considered incompatible#1
?Pebble device(s).Currently considered incompatible

Adventure Sync Logistics

1. Does Adventure Sync give me cycling or running distance?
Not! Adventure Sync only credits you for walking and running (slowly) below Pokémon GO's speed limit. (discussion)

2. Does Adventure Sync allow accumulating faster than the speed limit (10.5 km/h)?
Not! The speed limit will override the fitness data transmission, and Pokémon GO will not record the distance.

3. Does Adventure Sync count running on the treadmill?
Yea! While the Pokémon GO app is FULLY CLOSED, distance will apply.

(Video) Why does my Pokemon Go Adventure sync not work?

4. Does Adventure Sync count wheelchair impacts?
Unfortunately not. (yet?) However, wheelchair pushing operations appear in the APK and may be supported in the future. (discussion)

5. Does Pokémon GO need to be running in the background for Adventure Sync to track my distance?
Not! In fact, it needs to be FULLY CLOSED or Adventure Sync will switch to the Pokémon GO app's own distance tracker (which the game has used for years).

6. Which day is the "start" or "end" of the week?
While this is yet to be confirmed, it is likely to be updated on Monday. (discussion)

7. Is Adventure Sync vulnerable to GPS drift?
Not! It doesn't suffer from the same GPS flickering as Pokémon GO's GPS-only fitness tracking methods.

8. Does Adventure Sync work in airplane mode?
Hypothetically yes! Although this has yet to be tested. GPS and data are not required for Google Fit or HealthKit to legitimately collect distances that are later synced.

9. If I get a push notification that an egg is hatching, can I pop a lucky egg before it hatches?
Not! Eggs hatch immediately after opening Pokémon GO.

10. I received credits remotely without installing Google Fit. How?
Keep in mind that "normal" distance measurement with the Pokémon GO app open/minimum (even without Adventure Sync turned on) still counts towards your weekly fitness goals!

Android Troubleshooting

11. Do I really need to install Google Fit?
This is not clear at the moment. Some phones successfully count steps and distance while Pokémon GO is completely closedwhichthe standalone Google Fit app is installed. In these cases, Android may include the Fit API, so enabling Adventure Sync may be successful even if the Fit app is not installed from the Play Store. More clarity is needed on this.

12. Is Pokémon GO found in Google Fit "Connected Apps"?
You probably have one connected.andersGoogle user account! Open Google Fit and switch to other connected accounts until you find Pokémon GO and disconnect it. Then reconnect Pokémon GO to Google Fit and make sure you are using the correct Google account.

(Video) Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working Fixed 2022 Update

13. How do I change the Google account I use for Google Fit?
Follow these steps:

  1. In the Google Fit app, go toDefinitions>connected apps> Disconnect Pokémon GO
  2. Open the Pokémon GO app and go toDefinitions> Disable the Adventure Sync setting
  3. Log out of Pokémon GO and log back in.
  4. In Pokémon GO, go toDefinitions> check thoseadventure syncCheckbox > In the popup with all your Google accounts, select the one you want
  5. Finally, make sure your Google Fit is in the correct account
  1. How does Adventure Sync convert steps/calories to distance?
  2. Do Weekly Fitness Reward Eggs have different rarities and/or species pools?
  3. Is there a way to use third-party peripherals or apps like Fitbits that don't have native HealthKit/gFit installations?


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