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7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (1)

The holiday season is a huge revenue opportunity for all e-retailers, regardless of industry or size.

With online spending expected to exceed$850 billionThis year, the weeks leading up to Christmas are the perfect time to get more sales from yourholiday marketing.

Unsurprisingly, email is the channel of choice for eCommerce marketers this season, whether you are:

  • Promote your Christmas sale;
  • Recommend gift ideas;
  • Target last-minute shoppers; or
  • get involved againemail listsafter Christmas.

December is a busy month in your subscribers' inboxes for the same reason.

So that you stand out from the crowd and generate more salesvacation emails, I scoured my inbox and compiled the top seven Christmas email examples I've ever seen.

7 Proven Christmas Email Examples

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

2. Everlan

3. Bliss

4. Wool and the Gang

5. Allbirds

6. Function of beauty

7. Frank body

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

All the waiting, counting down and anticipation of Christmas isn't just for kids.

Many marketers usegamificationin December to generate similar excitement around its offerings.

Anastasia Beverly Hillsis one of the e-retailers that follows this path. Following the concept of advent calendars, the beauty brand is counting down to Christmaslimited time offer:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (2)

In the first email of her Christmas series, Anastasia sets expectations aboveAbout. Even before you open the email, you know the company has something special planned for the next 12 days.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (3)

The email announces the start of "12 Days of Gift" without further explanation. Anastasia doesn't take longcopy ofhere because the concept is simple: 12-day deals, with each deal only valid for 48 hours.

Two days later, you receive another email from the company:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (4)

With a curious subject line, Anastasia invites you to unlock her second business.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (5)

after the sameE-Mail-Design, Anastasia reveals her second offer, this time a discount package.

What's particularly clever here is Anastasia's use ofscarcity. Instead of discounting all products at once, the company presents one offer after another, making them exclusive and limited in time.

Shoppers know that when they want a bargain, it'sNow or never.

The simple email design, minimal and clear copycall to actionBuy buttons (CTA) also help speed up the decision-making process.

Anastasia's six-part email series is a great example of how you can use a popular Christmas concept to get more sales with your emails.

2. Everlan

Buying gifts - a common theme in Christmas emails - is not an easy task.

When you can help shoppers find the best gifts for their loved ones in your store, you win the hearts (and loyalty) of your customers.

holiday gift guide- a concept I'll get to shortly - are just one option to inspire gift shoppers. A much simpler but effective tactic is to recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to current ideas, such asEverlanewrites in his Christmas e-mail:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (6)

Everlane's subject line promises you a different kind of gift guide, and this is what you'll see when you open the email:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (7)

The company skillfully usesa GIF in the emailto present multiple gift ideas alternately, allowing Everlane to promote its different product categories without taking up too much space.

Brand recommendations include products like hats and scarves, as well as addressing feelings related to using their products, such as:cordiality.

a short piececopy ofcomes with the GIF:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (8)

Once again, Everlane focuses on the gift-giving rather than the products themselves, inviting you to wrap "your loved ones" in warm accessories. Then he recalls the advantage of gifting one-size-fits-all products: no guesswork required.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (9)

The final part of the email invites you to come back to the Everlane Store to discover more one-size-fits-all gifts, broken down by gender for your convenience.

Everlane's Christmas email is a shining example to follow, especially if you're selling accessories, hobby supplies, or anything else that doesn't require sizing.

3. Bliss

Promoting your one-size-fits-all products is just one way to help gift shoppers. Another more complete strategy is to create mini gift guides in email format.

blessingis an e-retailer that does a good job of executing this idea in their Christmas emails.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (10)

The subject line promises to make your Christmas shopping experience easier than ever. When you open the email, you'll learn how to:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (11)

While there are many different ways to categorize your gift guides, eg B. by gender, personality or interests, Bliss selects the price in your email.

Since gift shopping is an expensive activity and budget is a major concern for many buyers, Bliss' price-based gift guide can be helpful for your customers.

Price ranges aside, Bliss's email also includes discounted products and travel-size items for those looking for a bargain.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (12)

Then the company is selecting even moreproduct recommendations.

Finally, at the end of the email, Bliss informs you of the different delivery options and order deadlines. As holiday shopping is so time sensitive, Bliss makes sure its customers know what to expect.

4. Wool and the Gang

Speaking of delivery times before Christmas…

While some e-retailers are careful to include Christmas shipping details at the bottom of every email, others like towool and the gang, send special reminder emails to convert more subscribers into vacation shoppers.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (14)

This is one of those emails you'll find in your inbox when it's almost time for Wool and the Gang to send out the final Christmas orders. It is a direct call-to-action that encourages people to place their orderno moment.

The email itself looks pretty Christmassy:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (15)

In email, Wool and the Gang drives urgency without overwhelming prospects. The animated GIF and cheerful design help lighten the mood of an overly promotional email.

The message is also loud and clear: if you want to receive your gifts on time, order today. It is not falsescarcityor guilt - just logistical facts.

Wool and the Gang ends the email with minimal copy containing specific details about the last time you can place your order:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (16)

This message leaves no room for confusion and raises buyers' expectations before placing their order.

Wool and the Gang's reminder email is a great example of how you can use delivery as an excuse to place more last-minute orders without overdoing the urgency.

5. Allbirds

Even if it's too late to submit new orders, it's never too late for you to promote your business -SeThey offer digital products or have physical stores.

Allbirdsprefer the second option in this Christmas email:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (17)

The company knows it's too late for shoppers to receive their orders before Christmas, but many are likely still looking for the best gifts for their loved ones. The brand therefore invites last-minute shoppers to stationary retail right in the subject line.

The email looks like this:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (18)

Notice how Allbirds reassures you instead of blaming you for being late. With the strong reminder (“You still have time”), the company invites you to a nearby store to complete your gift list.

The company also aims to reduce your anxiety if offline shopping makes you uncomfortable.

Knowing that visiting physical stores is not an option for all shoppers, Allbirds ends the email with a virtual product alternative: gift cards.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (19)

As Allbirds mentions in their email, gift cards are quick and eco-friendly alternatives for last minute shoppers. If your store offers digital gift cards or virtual goods, mention this in your Christmas emails.

Or better yet, send emails promoting your digital gift options before Christmas, as you'll see in my example below.

6. Function of beauty

Let's face it, gift cards don't always scream, "I've put a lot of thought into your gift."

This also explains why mostE-mails de marketingthose who promote gift cards are more likely tonothing spectacular.function of beautyEmails, on the other hand, are the exception.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (20)

With this friendly subject line, the beauty brand email will help you if you forget to buy gifts for someone on your list.

function of beautyE-Mail-Designparticularly striking:

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (21)

The company does everything possible to make its gift card option as attractive as possible. Additionally, they explain the benefits of giving a gift card as a gift, such as convenience and flexibility, rather than focusing on the fact that it's just a last resort.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (22)

Even better, this isn't the only time Function of Beauty has promoted its gift card option this Christmas. Check out this email they sent last year with the subject line "The gift that always arrives on time":

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (23)

The company goes out of its way to envision a boring Christmas present in its emails. In addition, each email explains how easy and beneficial it is to choose an e-gift card over other gift options.

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (24)

No matter what industry you're in, Function of Beauty emails are the perfect example of how to position your virtual gift cards as a smart gift idea and make them more attractive to holiday shoppers.

7. Frank body

Most of the Christmas emails I've mentioned in this post and in my personal inbox are from before Christmas.

That is, Christmas is, unsurprisingly, a quieter time compared to Christmas.E-Commerce-E-Mail-Marketing. While these may not be your typical promotion days, you can try to compete for some of the holiday attention whenfrank bodydo with your Christmas emails.

Check out this email Frank Body sends on Christmas Day with the subject line "Subtract 20%: First In, Best (Out)".

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (25)

Frank Body's Christmas email includes a discount code and a friendly reminder to drink some water.

A 20% discount is a nice gift to find in your inbox mid-holiday. Especially when it comes to a skincare brand that promises to cure your "vacation hangover".

As the offer is only valid for the next 48 hours, Frank Body will contact you shortly with another email. This time with a simpler theme: “20% off. It helps with the holiday hangover.”

7 Amazing Christmas Email Examples You Can Copy (26)

Osubsequent emailit is a copy of the original email with minor copy updates. It's your last chance to "cure your vacation hangover" and save 20% on Frank Body products.

Granted, it's an unconventional Christmas email series, but if you're in a highly competitive niche like skincare, you might want to start the year like Frank Body does.

If you want to follow Frank Body's lead, consider running a small campaign where you offer your subscribers a discount code and take advantage of this less busy time in your subscribers' inboxes.


There is no single formula for writing effective Christmas emails.

But these seven examples are a great place to start if you want to drive more traffic to your website.product pages, invite subscribers to buy right away or runsales promotionDuring Christmas.

Whatever goal you choose, stop sounding too salesy in your Christmas emails and instead focus on how you can make people's lives easier.

Seray Keskin

Seray is Drip's product marketing manager. When she's not busy creating content for Drip, she's trying to decipher the Danish language and watching Back to the Future for the hundredth time.

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