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Christmas is the best time of the year! But although people generally enjoy this Christmas season, it is still quite stressful for everyone. Therefore, the main role of brands is to make life easier for customers. You can send different gift guides to your subscribers, give useful advice and be as helpful as possible.

Our free Christmas email templates are at your disposal to spread the Christmas cheer. Check out the article to get some ideas and start implementing them in your holiday emails.

Ideas to spice up your Christmas email template

  • festive banners

The winter holidays are all about attracting attention because there are so many tempting offers in your subscribers' inboxes. Everyone wants to attract a customer during the holiday season, so adding a festive banner is a good solution.

With our free Christmas email templates, all you need to do is edit the text above the banners to reach customers, send them your best wishes and deliver a memorable message.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (1)

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Plus, you can customize banners with your own images and choose from our 40+ fonts to match your branding and update your email design.

For more tips on creating banners with our free templates, check out this article:

Banner Types: How to Create Banners with Stripo Email Builder in Minutes

  • css animation

CSS animation was one of the lastE-Mail-Trends. That's why we recommend you use this feature with your Christmas email templates. This creative approach is sure to help you stand out in your customers' inboxes.

Ochristmas modelalready contains CSS animation — it has the effect of falling snowflakes. You can edit the background color behind the snowflakes and add your own text to this image. It's easy and fun, as you don't need to have any coding experience to try it out on your holiday emails.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (2)

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  • holiday ingredients

When you start creating Christmas templates, you may find that you need to decorate footers, headers, and product cards in these emails. You can easily apply festivefundsthroughout the email to reflect the holiday spirit.

Many of our email templates are already "frozen" from head to toe. You only need to customize the content of your message a little - this saves your email marketing team significant time.

  • Embedded Videos

videosspreads the Christmas spirit. Use it to convey warm wishes from your team to a customer, share fun ideas, or simply promote your products or services. Don't be afraid to share a creative and extraordinary message.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (3)

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  • AMP/Gamification-Elemente

AMP elements are designed to help you spruce up your Christmas emails and delight your customers.

Games built with AMP are affordable, require a negligible amount of time to deploy and render correctly in Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Users who prefer other email clients can play the games on the web version of their email.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (4)

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You can experiment with different gameplay mechanics to see what works best for your audience. There can be various puzzles, interactive quizzes, wheels of fortune and many others.

Learn more about email gamification in our eBook:

Ultimate Guide to Email Gamification

  • countdown timer

Some of us are looking forward to the winter holidays, while others can't wait for the overwhelming Christmas season to end. However, a countdown timer in your emails is an extremely useful feature for everyone, as it shows customers how much time they have to claim a discount and encourages them to take action as soon as possible.

Countdown timers work in all email clients, so you don't have to worry about how your Christmas newsletter will look.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (5)

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Read our blog post to learn how to set a timer for your email templates:

How to Add a Countdown Timer to Your Email

  • Attractive subject lines

Subject lines and pre-headers are the first thing subscribers notice about your email. If you don't set pre-header text, most email clients will display the first body part of your email. Some of them even show an ALT text of the first image in their email template.

That's why it's important to work on itattractive subject linesand pre-headers to stand out from hundreds of other emails in your recipients' inboxes.

  • Eye-catching CTA buttons

You know that the main purpose of Christmas email campaigns is to attract customers. That's why it's important to add a CTA button to your email templates.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (6)

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With Stripo you can add a VML button to preserve the style on rendering. To save you time and save you from working with code, we've added the Outlook Support button. After switching, Outlook will display the buttons exactly how you want them.

You can also add an animated CSS button. For example, apply some Christmas colors and make the button change color when hovering over it. For more information about animated CTA buttons, seeour blog post.

  • real-time data

Christmas email templates are all about gifts. However, it would be extremely disappointing if customers bought something that was already out of stock.

In this case, we can offer you a solution. You canConnect your emails to Google Sheetsand make sure the information in the Christmas templates is up to date.

For example, if a product is out of stock, simply edit the document in Google Sheets and your customers will immediately see the update in their holiday emails.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Google Sheets data in emails with Stripo.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (7)
  • image scroll effect

When customers try to choose a gift during the holiday season, they want it to be perfect. With our free Christmas email templates, you can experiment with an image scroll effect to provide a close-up of the products and show them from different angles.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (8)

To create it with Stripo you need:

  • toggle the “Rollover Effect” button after loading your first image;
  • load the second;
  • Make sure both images are the same size.

Top reasons to choose Stripo Christmas email templates

You probably know a lot about the features we offer, but we always have something special for you. Let's see what you can do with Stripo's free templates.

1. Take advantage of adaptive email templates

Our templates are customizable, and even if you import a template from one email creator to another, you can easily edit it with Stripo. With our platform you can replace images, change copies, edit structures, remove lines, containers and so on.

To learn more about how to do this, visit our blog.Easy customizationallows you to make small adjustments andadvancedallows you to make big changes.

2. Use mobile-friendly templates to reach a wider audience

Nowadays, people use mobile devices much more than PCs. With that in mind, we allow our users to create mobile-friendly email templates.

With Stripo, you can make your Christmas templates mobile-friendly in the following ways:

  • enable or disable some elements on mobile devices;
  • Reverse email elements on mobile for proper display on small screens;
  • Create two completely different versions for desktop and mobile;
  • Turn off responsive email design if you want your emails to look the same on different devices.

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (9)

use this template

3. Enjoy integrations with 75+ ESPs

Stripo integrates with 75+ email service providers so you can export emails with one click. For example, you can export your messages to AWeber, ExpertSender, Zapier, HubSpot, Mailchimp and many others.

All you need is to click the "Export" button above your email template and enter credentials after choosing your ESP. And that!

50 Christmas Email Templates 📭 | Free Christmas HTML Email Template — Stripo.email ✔️ (10)

For the complete list of ESPs and manuals, visit ourintegration page.

4. Export your email templates to Gmail or Outlook

Sometimes you may need to send an HTML email from your personal Gmail or Outlook account. With the help of Stripo, not only can you use pre-made Christmas email templates, but you can also create your own templates from scratch.

In our blog posts, we show you how to export emailspanoramaEGmail. You'll also find some tricks on how to optimize messages for these email clients.

5. Use collaboration tools to work together with your team

When it comes to Christmas email campaigns, there are usually a lot of people working on it. To get the holiday spirit in every inbox, designers need to work magic, copywriters need to create creative email copy, and marketers need to think about how to stand out from hundreds of other promotional emails during the season. of parties.

We've done our best to bring your team together on one platform and make your work enjoyable. See what you can do:

  • Define user roles and access levels to ensure no one ruins someone else's work;
  • Automatically create and use branding guidelines to maintain your brand's style;
  • view the history of versions and restore one of the previous ones;
  • Organize content into folders for different projects.

Wrap up

With Stripo, creating a good vacation email template doesn't take much time and effort. Try out our email templates and make sure your Christmas emails grab the attention of even the most hesitant customer.

Let's summarize what you can do to make your Christmas emails attractive:

  • Use festive banners to grab your customers' attention as soon as they open your email.
  • working with CSS animation to create interactive images and CTA buttons;
  • create a unique Christmas email design and customize every element of your template;
  • Set a countdown timer to remind recipients that Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to close big deals and promotions;
  • create a gift guide with AMP elements and images;
  • use games to entertain your audience;
  • Benefit from collaboration tools to work together with your team;
  • Customize your mobile templates.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Create mesmerizing Christmas email templates with Stripo and make your next campaign a success


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