19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (2023)

looking for somethingFree Christmas Email Templatesto boost your sales? This holiday season, Moosend the red-nosed deer has your back!

This is the most wonderful time of the year to send beautiful holiday emails to your subscribers and increase your ROI. So let's go to the Christmas jingle!

Take me to the models

Moosend Free Christmas Email Templates

Let's get into the holiday spirit with Moosend's fully customizable Christmas newsletter templates.

To get Moosend Responsive Templates you will need to follow some very easy steps:

  • Sign up for a Moosend account
  • Go to "Campaigns" and click "Create New Campaign"
  • Go to the Editor and click on Template Library
  • Select the search Plantillas navideñas
  • Hit the "Use Template" button and do some Christmas magic

If you want to create your own templates, you can use Moosend'stemplate creation featuresto create custom layouts and save them to your library for future use. Now, let's see what we have for you:

1. Jingle Bell Rock Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (1)

use template

Because you need:Everyone loves Christmas gifts, including your customers, of course. So if you want to cheer them up, send them an awesome gift this holiday season. Gifts are always a good idea. However, if your business is on a tight budget, consider scheduling your campaign only for loyal customers to show your appreciation.

You can use the template above to create a beautiful Christmas message for your audience in just a few moments.

2. Baby Santa Claus Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (2)

use template

Because you need:If you want to put some gifts under your client's tree, this template is a great option. Many people are frustrated with Christmas gifts during Christmas, so if you want to help your dear shoppers, send them your special Christmas offers or suggestions based on past purchases.

Cheerful and minimalist, this template catches the reader's attention exactly where it should be: the products. If you like,Sign up for a free Moosend accountand jump into the editor to make magic for your buyers.

3. Silent Night Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (3)

use template

Because you need:It is not wise to remain silent during Christmas as a brand. Holiday campaigns can improve your reputation and delight your customers more than you expect. So, if you want to join the Christmas party, choose this simple and lovely email template to send your beautiful wishes to your customers. GIF can add extra sparkle to your message, putting your subscribers in the holiday spirit.

And remember, wishes count as much as gifts, as they come from the heart. Then spread them wildly!

4.The Merry Christmas Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (4)

use template

Because you need:The Christmas card template is a great way to wish your email subscribers happy holidays and give them an amazing Christmas present. A promo code is the best way to boost your Christmas sales. You can use the Moosend editor to customize this template and add your favorite colors, text and CTAs to match your brand!

And if you want something more spicy, our editor lets you include advanced elements like acountdown timerto add urgency to your message.

5. The Year-End Promotional Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (5)

use template

Because you need:A Christmas gift with an awesome coupon will give your subscribers everything they need to engage with your brand and increase your holiday sales. This Christmas email template from Moosend is the perfect match for sharing the holiday spirit and giving your audience a reason to rejoice. Add your Christmas copy through the editor and let your images, videos or gifs shine. Also, don't forget to create a file equallyconvert christmas subject linefor better open rates.

You can get the most out of them with our AI technologysubject line tester,Codename: Santa's Little Helper, to make sure your subscribers click through no matter what.

6. Christmas Gift Promotional Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (6)

Because you need:During the holidays, you should show your customers your seasonal products and amazing deals. Not only can you customize the template above to do this, but you can also take advantage of the header to add a festive message and best wishes.

This way, you can engage your audience, strengthen your relationship with them and promote your Christmas products without complications.

use template

7. Year-End Offers Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (7)

Because you need:Do you want a promotional template to boost your holiday sales? With this pre-made layout, you can add your holiday sale items, email copy, and high-quality visuals, and you're good to go.

What makes this a great option is the use of white space which increases readability, while the simple layout structure will make each element more visible and easy to digest at first glance.

use template

8. Red Christmas Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (8)

Because you need:Now, what if you want to promote your amazing Christmas discount? For that, you'll need a clean email design that makes your Christmas offer stand out. The template above is perfect for giving your potential customers exactly what they need to shop more during the holiday season.

You can easily customize it by adding your special offer and festive looks. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So get this design to save time and increase your sales effortlessly.

use template

Free Christmas Email Templates by Stripo

If you want to join the Christmas party with some free Christmas newsletter templates,a comicIt's the right tool for the job.

To get them, you needcreate a stripo account, find your Christmas templates and start editing.

Aexport your Christmas creation to Moosend, you must integrate your Stripo account with Moosend. The process is simple:

Now, let's take a look at Stripo's amazing holiday newsletter templates for your business!

9. 7 Days of Christmas Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (9)

Because you need:This vibrant email template replicates the famous "12 days of Christmas" with a Christmas discount. The use of colors associated with this festive season, such as red, is perfect for promoting your sale and attracting attention! Additionally, using social buttons in your Christmas email campaigns will allow you to integrate your email marketing andsocial media marketingefforts for better participation during the holiday season.

To use the Stripo template and upload it through the Moosend platform,create your account first; otherwise, you won't be able to integrate and send your vacation template to your email list.

10. Santa Claus Christmas Template Here

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (10)

Because you need:During the holiday season, your competitors will create and send their holiday campaigns to convert your subscribers. A compelling email subject line and better value proposition will do the trick, but did you know that your images will also contribute to your sales?

Even if you don't make your Christmas email template, just focus on your discount by creating afestive email marketing campaignwith high quality images and funny gifs is all you need to grab your audience's attention. If so, this Christmas email template has just the right amount of sweetness to show that the holiday season is upon us and reward subscribers with a surprise Christmas gift.

11. Show, Don't Tell Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (11)

Because you need:Having a big Christmas sale? Instead of telling your subscribers about it, how about we show them? This Christmas email campaign focuses on the practice of "show, don't tell" to intrigue holiday shoppers. Heemail images, different CTAs and copy will give your subscribers all the right reasons to buy from your ecommerce store.

Be sure to highlight your best products to give your customers the best incentive to view them!

12. The Christmas Wishes Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (12)

Because you need:Not every Christmas email has to be about a sale! Instead of offering them another discount or coupon, engage your loyal customers through a heartwarming email campaign. With beautiful pictures and agreat email copy, you can create the best Christmas email template to show your gratitude and appreciation.

Of course, the use of videos is also mandatory to promote the holiday spirit. This email design is beautifully designed to give your subscribers Christmas vibes and make them feel loved. You can easily customize it to suit your needs and spread the holiday spirit.

13. Christmas fashion email template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (13)

Because you need:Elegant and cozy, this template is perfect for displaying your holiday gifts. The 25% discount off the top of the template is a great way to grab your subscribers' attention and direct them to your store!

Using vibrant colors and white space will also allow you to create a responsive holiday email template, perfect for eCommerce email marketers who want something special for their first mobile customers.

14. The Holiday Food Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (14)

Because you need:This is one of the best email templates you can use, especially if you have one.retail business. Although this is a New Year template, you can easily customize it for Christmas. Why? Beautiful images and the use of white space will allow you to show your holiday shoppers your amazing discounts.

Plus, the "Contact Us" section is a great addition to promoting your store's sales and letting customers know where to find you. Balanced with a splash of holiday colors and eye-catching visuals, this email template is perfect for promoting your retail store like a pro.

BEE Free Christmas Email Templates

BEEis one of the templating tools that you can use to create models without knowledge of HTML or CSS. The tool has tons of templates that you can use to create anything you want, including cool Christmas email templates.

To get your Christmas creation from BEE to Moosend, click on the "Export" option and download the ZIP file with the HTML email template and its images.

With this method, you can use your files anywhere.email newsletter platformdo you like!

15. La plantilla Feel the joy of the holiday

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (15)

Because you need:This is a beautiful Christmas email example that combines beautiful colors and minimalist elements.email design. Also, if you are bored with red, this green/light peach holiday template will remind subscribers of the old Christmas tree and make you stand out from the Christmas hustle.

Don't forget to use your email copy to spread the holiday message and give your audience something to remember! Your products are also your brightest stars. So use this elegant Christmas email template to make them shine!

16. The Bestselling Christmas Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (16)

Because you need:This bright red Christmas template is one of the best email templates you can use to grab attention. The structure will also help you put your products in the middle of the action and increase your click-through rate. Also, this template will amaze all subscribers who notice the little Christmas details like the white and red snowflakes that make the email look magical.

Keep in mind that when creating vibrant emails, you need equally vibrant calls-to-action to avoid overshadowing them. Moosend's editor will allow you to choose any color from the color wheel to get an eye-catching result! All you need is your color matching skills and aconta Moosend!

17. The Happy Hanukkah Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (17)

Because you need:If you know more about your subscribers, you can send a personalized campaign to celebrate the holidays. Instead of the usual “Merry Christmas” email, you can use this email template to diversify your brand and engage with subscribers from different backgrounds. This brilliant design has all the elements needed to treat your subscribers to a Hanukkah party they won't forget! To reach your target audience with the right holiday campaign, you need to harness the power ofsegmentation.

through youregistration forms, you can collect information about your audience and use the data to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

TOPOL free Christmas email templates

Another great email template builder that has great Christmas templates isTOPOL. You can create templates from scratch or choose from the huge library of Christmas templates!

To get your TOPOL holiday templates to Moosend, you will need to create a TOPOL account and choose your template. To export them, you can either download the HTML and images or the template with hosted images.

so you needGo back to your Moosend account, add the code via the HTML option and you will see your HTML email campaign appear in front of you.

18. The Heartwarming Email Template

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (18)

Because you need:This Christmas season, don't forget to share love, joy and happiness with your subscribers. As? Through this heartwarming Christmas e-mail/card! The beautiful images and colors make this email template a great idea to send your business best wishes.

Also, invest in great email copy to remind them that you are a company that cares and appreciates them.

19. The Traditional Model of Christmas

19 Free Christmas Email Templates for 2022/2023 (19)

Because you need:Need something a little more traditional? Then this Christmas email template is perfect for you. Shades of blue will give your email a more serious look. This is perfect for an older audience that appreciates a more traditional looking email.

Create a short, sweet message to brighten their day, and feel free to make this email more personal by adding the subscriber's name or yours. You can easily customize your emails through Moosendmarketing automationcharacteristics.

The holiday season is upon us!

Start your ESP engines because the holidays are coming!

Get these amazing templates, customize them and share the holiday spirit with your audience to increase your sales and engagement beyond expectations!

And remember! If you want to use Moosend to customize and send the beautiful Christmas email templates we saw above, feel free to do so.create a moosend accountand start designing!

Let the holidays come! You're on the "ready" list! Also, here they are5 free templatesto get started ASAP!

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